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"Human life is continuum, all we are going in the same direction and compare to elderly human is the measure of nation´s culture"
(A. Mielczarek)
A very unsettling phenomenon, which is because of getting worse Polish people economic requirements, is narrow supersedding generations and obsolescent family´s protective function, especially in comparison in the elderly generation.
Older-people-care is seizing by institutions. An association "ANIMA HUMANA" is established by teenagers and adults, who wants to fulfil elderly people´s purposes especially in satisfying their sense of life. Association´s mission is making Home, "family with many surnames" (with particular emphasis on returning from abroad Silesians of Upper Silesialand) assuring old population requirements to life safely and worthy, intimacy, freedom, personal development and to emancipating them according to their capability. The "ANIMA HUMANA" is a guild of young people, who are sensitive, full of energy love. Love, which they´re want to share with veterans. We invites you to make nation´s culture, which is necessary to surviving worthy old age every human.

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